Rated at 250watts (PEP), the classic designed off-set windom is 132ft in total length, approx 88/44ft layout and will give great performance from 80-10m (3.5-28MHz).

Superbly made with MiL spec components, this antenna is built to last, and ideal for any portable/base station operation. Complete with necessary accessories, just feed with coaxial cable and you are on the air.

Not cheap to manufacture, but especially with antennas, you get exactly what you pay for, and we are sure you will be very impressed with the real quality of this British built model.

The unbreakable transmission lines are made of Kevlar braid plaited copper (Green MIL810 Spec) and finished in classic green for low visual impact.

Windom (OSCD) 80 to 10m :  132ft  off set dipole with a professional Guanella balun supplied and with choke balun components.


Key Points:

  • Very high quality:
  • Unbreakable transmission lines made of Kevlar braid plaited copper (Green MIL810 Spec):
  • Potted Current 4/1 Balun PTFE wound in teflon tube:
  • PTFE  SO239 socket:
  • Stainless steel fittings and cable strain relief:  (Wrap the coax around the supplied thimble then use the cable ties provided to secure the coax, then drop the thimble on to the hook at the side of the SO239 socket)
  • Covers 80 to 10m with an unbalanced tuner: (Works on WARC bands with internal tuners and 60m)
  • High grade Ni/Zn 43 ferrite toroidal balun which is PTFE wound @ 400 watts pep: (Mil Spec)
  • End insulators and winding spools included:
  • Comes with 5 piece choke balun ferrites, and heatshrink for your feed-line, self amalgamating tape, screw in insulators and end support line on spools.


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