The WD-330J Broadband HF Dipole from Diamond is designed for commercial operation from 2 to 30MHz. The antenna comes fully assembled and pretuned so no measuring or cutting is required. The WD-330J is constructed from high quality PVC covered stranded copper wire, complete with fibreglass spreaders, matching network and balun. The balun provides for single 50 Ohm feedline operation on all bands.

The WD-330J should be installed as a flat-top for maximum efficiency, but can be used as an inverted 'V' or sloper antenna. Proximity of ground and nearby structures may affect the performance of the antenna, so rearrangement of the antenna may be required to achieve a good VSWR.


  • Frequency Range: 2 to 30MHz.
  • Max. power rating: 150W(PEP).
  • Impedance : 50Ω.
  • VSWR:2:1 from 2-18 MHz, 3:1 above 18MHz.
  • Length:25 meters.
  • Weight: 3.3kg.

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