Diamond's A-430S15R2 is a UHF base antenna with a frequency range of 430 to 440MHz and a gain of 14.8dBi. It can withstand up to 100W (PEP), has 15 elements and the longest of them is 370mm.

Diamond's A-430S15R2 features high-quality construction, no need for tuning and its height is 2 metres and 45 centimetres.

        Technical features

  • Frequency range: 430 - 440MHz.
  • Gain: 14.8dBi.
  • Power (PEP): 100W.
  • Power handling power (PEP): 50Ω.
  • VSWR (nomimal): 1.3:1.
  • Front to Back ratio: 14dB.
  • Boom length: 2245mm.
  • Longest element: 370mm.
  • Driver element diameter: 12.7mm.
  • Parasitic element diameter: 9.4mm.
  • Maximum installation diameter: 16.3 mm.
  • Weight: 1 kg.

Click here for Diamond A-430S15R2 specifications in PDF format (535kB)


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