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Why choose this connector?

 Compression design with double seal that ensures better protection against infiltration of water, humidity and condensation.

 Easy installation and welding instructions included in the package (no braid soldering needed).

 Dramatic suppression of the background noise, improvement of screening attenuation and insertion losses.

 The surfaces are treated with a special alloy called Smart3-Alloy®: it is corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic.

• The new designed pin prevents excess of tin and the consequent heating, which damages the dielectric causing an uncontrollable alteration of the electrical properties of your cable (differently from standard PL259 which is exposed to strong thermal stress).

• By adding our ''HEAT SUPPRESSOR"  you will also add durability and constancy of performance.



1. Price is for ONE connector.

2. Two pins are provided: the smaller one for solid conductors and the larger one for stranded conductors.

Video with instructions on how to solder the connector:


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