The M&P-Flux is now the faithful companion of all the specialized technicians involved in soldering on printed microcircuits.

It can be used in a very convenient way both in the soldering phase and in the desoldering phase, due to the following reasons.

1) Improvement of thermal conductivity and capillarity:

Its chemical composition facilitates the entry of molten tin, causing it to be sucked by "capillarity" inside the hole in the UHF EVO pins, or the N pins or PL259 connectors and any other solder connector.

2) This occurs by leaving the outer surface of the pin, clean and therefore free of unwanted accumulations of solder.

3) The capillarity phenomenon described above generates greater welding speed, which results in less thermal stress for the dielectric of the coaxial cable which could deform due to too much prolonged heat.

4) The resulting welding is never cold and opaque, but shiny and reliable, in a shorter time

5) To unsolder instead, using the desoldering braid combined with M&P-Flux while heating the interested parts with the soldering iron, we will see an inverse effect of the tin flow which this time, always aspirated by capillarity, as if by magic, will be attracted by the desoldering braid, leaving the connector clean and perfectly reusable.

M&P-Flux should be applied with the special mini tube dispenser inside the hole, in small quantities. Then place the tin wire, and the tip of the soldering iron at the temperature of 300 ° -350 ° C. (572 ° -662 ° F.). The soldering will run exactly where it is needed avoiding short circuits, and saving you time and hassle.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: as for every product of this kind, it is essential to keep out of the reach of children. The product is harmful if swallowed, causes skin irritation or severe eye irritation if in contact. In case of eye contact wash immediately and call a specialist. Wash your hands thoroughly after use or better use latex gloves instead. Use in an open or ventilated place, or drain the fumes with a suitable suction system. All these precautions apply to every soldering activity (solder may be composed by 30-40% lead, while M&P Flux is ROHS Compliant - Lead Free, therefore as it reduces the soldering time, you’re less exposed to the tin-lead fumes). 

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