Self-tightening silicone rubber tubular gasket for our cables Ø 5,4 (.212”) or 7,3mm (.287”) or 10,3mm (.400”) or 12,7mm (.500”), matched to any one of our related connectors and adapters (Except 7/16 and right-angle connectors if installed before inserting it).

M&P-Silicone-Seal-L: reliable optimal tubular gasket that quickly seals the male-female connection, or connector-adapter-connector, tightly, hermetically, and seamlessly.  No flame or heat is required.  

It is also handy as a strain relief, for increasing the tensile strength between cable and connector!

Video demostration of the product



The M&P-silicone-seal is factory expanded and assembled onto a removable supporting plastic core.  The pre-stretched M&P-silicone-seal-L, as the core is unwound, (from the inside), shrinks to form a thick and tight tubular gasket. Retains its resiliency and pressure even after years of aging and exposure to Ultra-violet rays, acids, condensation and harsh environments, with operating temperature range -60℃ ~ 90℃ (-76°F~194°F).

Fiammability V-0 burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical specimen, drips of particles allowed as long as they are not inflamed.



How to use:

1) Once the connectors have been assembled on the two cable sections to be connected, insert one of them inside the M&P-Silicone-Seal-L and let it slide sideways over the cable jacket.

2) After tightening the connectors to each other, make the M&P-Silicone-Seal-L slide over the connectors to be protected.

3) Then, while holding the M&P-Silicone-Seal-L in place, pull the protruding strip you can find inside one end of the white supporting plastic core (following the direction of the red arrow). Make sure the black silicone rubber placed over the plastic core, is well centered over the connectors to be protected, as this operation is not reversibleSee also our video on the Messi & Paoloni YouTube® Channel which can also be reached via the QR CODE attachment.

4) By continuing to pull the strip (which will come off forming a free spiral), the black silicone rubber, deprived of its plastic core support, will shrink, settling permanently on the cable and connectors, embedding them very tightly.

This high-speed operation, which does not require any flame or heat, is completed, allowing you to operate in cold and windy environments or on top of towers without worries and assuring a professional and durable result!



Product dimensions (before shrinking): 14,5cm x 3,5cm


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