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- The best attenuations tested in a 10,3mm cable with solid core, boasting 19 dB @2400 MHz! 

- Perfect for direct burial and totally waterproof thanks to the PE carbon-black tearproof sheath that allow different kind of outdoor uses. 

- 45% lighter than average 10,3 mm full copper cables: ideal to halve the cost of air shipments in DXpeditions and shipments in general!

- Sturdiness at the highest level reached by adding 24 more wires to the braid, for a total of 168 wires. This leads to a dramatic reduction of the background noise (moreover the braiders used are 24 spools, instead of 16 spools, giving 50% more crossovers).

Airborne-10 by the Italian manufacturer Messi & Paoloni: Lightweight coaxial cable with 10.3mm outer diameter. The Airborne-10 cable is about 45% lighter than comparable cables, which really saves shipping costs on DX-peditions! Due to the solid inner conductor made of tempered copper and a further developed dielectric, this cable achieves excellent attenuation values up to 12GHz, making it suitable for EME and other applications where the last dB is important. The cable is waterproof and can also be buried without water ingress. As most of the Messi & Paoloni cables, the Airborne-10 also has an extremely high shielding capacity of 105 dB due to the use of CU/PE foil and a very dense braid of 24 strands. The cable can handle over 10kW at 1.8 MHz and still 1.7kW at 144 MHz. The usual connectors for 10.3 mm cable fit.

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