Diamond Japan has introduced a new system for cables used for antennas installed οn cars. With this system each cable is a set of two separate pieces (the product you see now is one of the two pieces of the set) which are connected with a specialized, high quality connector. One piece of the set is high quality low loss cable connected to the second piece of the set which is also high quality thin cable. At the end of the thin cable is placed the connector SO-239 on which the antenna is installed. The thin cable passes very easily through the "difficult" parts of the car and especially through the trunk rubber. This system has many advantages:

  • Larger choice in total cable length
  • Larger choice of length difference between thin and thick cable
  • When replacing the antenna or transceiver, you only need to change one piece of cable (if needed).
  • Easier installation.

The Diamond SLM-100 is the thin cable with a length of 1 meter, type 1.5D-Q with a diameter of 3mm.

Combine it with one of the cables:



So, to use antenna bases (K-400 etc.), select two cables. First a thin SLM-xx cable with a diameter of 3mm which has the socket for installation in the base and which leads to the inside of the vehicle. Second, choose the thickest DQM-xx cable with a diameter of 7.5mm, which leads to the transceiver. To keep the attenuation as low as possible, select the outer (thinnest) cable length as short as possible and the inner (thicker) cable length as needed. This leads to a good trade-off between attenuation and efficient installation for your vehicle.

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