The Diamond SX-400 is a back lit SWR/Wattmeter covering 140-525 MHz. The meter reads peak or average power, and is switchable to read forward power, reverse power, or SWR, and has three power ranges: 5, 20 and 200 Watts, full scale. If back lighting is used, a 13.8 VDC source is required. The meter is supplied with a DC power cord.


  • Frequency range: 140 to 525MHz.
  • Power display range: 5W, 20W, 200W.
  • Accuracy at full scale: 5W Range ±10%(F.S), 20W Range ±5%(F.S), 200W Range ±5%(F.S).
  • Minimum power at SWR measurement: 4W.
  • Insertion loss: Less than 0.1dB (140 to 250MHz), Less than 0.2dB (400 to 470MHz), less than 0.3dB (525MHz).
  • Measurement function: Forward RF power, Reflected RF power, SWR, PEP monitor.
  • Connector: PL (SO-239).
  • Dimensions: 155W x 63H x 103D mm.
  • Weight: 540g.
  • Impedance: 50ohms.

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