Messi & Paoloni's POTA-CASE is a bag that allows you to safely store and transport your POTA-FLEX cable, or any coaxial cable up to 10mm diameter, when wrapped in the Messi & Paoloni POTA-SPEED cable management unit. The color of this certain model is military green.

Designed to store POTA-SPEED cable management spool and POTA-FLEX cable or any coaxial cable up to 10mm diameter. It has an external pocket and internal pockets to create a stylish place to store and carry your cable and tools. The storage spaces are intended for scissors, wrenches, RIGEXPERT analyzer, one or more silicone seals, adapters or fasteners.

NOTE: Only the POTA-CASE is included. The spool, cable and accessories shown in the images are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the case. Cable sold separately.