This is a German-made, small triband three elements beam, smaller than the ZX Mini-2000 it is designed for really restricted space. Covers 10, 15 & 20 meters. Handles 1000 watts. Some alignment work is required.

The spokes at the end of the elements acts as a type of top load on a ground-plane, which makes the antenna even more compact. Mounting hardware stainless steel - as with any ZX Yagi. 

Technical Specifications

Gain 10m:

5.5 dBi

Gain 15m:

5 dBi

Gain 20m:

4.5 dBi

Front/Back ratio:

18 dB

Boom length:

3 m

Element lenght:

3.4 m

Turning radius:

2.5 m

Wind load
(@ 125km/h):

250 N


8.3 Kg

Max. mast diameter:


Max. power load PEP:

1000 Watt