No license required! Here's a great radio for work and play, the Alinco DJ-VX46, this exciting transceiver is small enough to fit in a pocket, attractive, rugged, easy to use and includes many popular "extras" that make operating more enjoyable. Working, Adventures, Sports or Hobby, no matter how you plan to use it, the DJ-VX46 is ready for action, today! 


•     Rugged, polycarbonate body resists rain and dust (IP67 compatible)
•     128 memories (16ch x 8groups) to program operating parameters and tone-squelch tones 
•     High-performance whip antenna
•     Works with rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
•     Ergonomically designed body , weighs only 238g inclusive of EBP-101 and antenna
•     Dealer-programmable features including Scans and Tone-signaling
•     Simple, easy-to-use interface
•     Microphone and earphone ports 
•     VOX built-in
•     Analog inversion scrambling 



•     Frequency coverage: [TX/RX] 16ch PMR446 
•     Mode : 8K50F3E (NFM) 
•     Memory channels : 128 channels (16ch x 8groups) 
•     Frequency stability : ±2.5ppm 
•     Operating voltage :7.4V Battery 
•     Usable temperature range :-20-+60 "C (-4-140'F) 
•    Charging temperature range: +5-+40'C(+41-104'F) 
•     Dimensions(Projections not included) : 243X59X38mm (with battery pack, antenna) 
•     Weight 238 g (with battery pack, an1enna) 
•     Sub audible Tone(CTCSS/DCS) : encoder/decoder


•     Output power : Approx.500mW 
•     Spurious emissions : Less than -36dBm 
•     Max.frequency deviation : ±2.SkHz 


•    Receive system : Direct conversion
•    Sensitivity(12dB SINAD): -12dBu 
•     Adjacent Channel Selectivity : More than 60dB 
•     Intermodulation : More than 55dB 
•     Spurious Rejection : More than 70dB 
•     Audio output power: Audio Power Output 1OOOmW/10%

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ACOM 1000, 160~6m (amplifier)
ACOM 1000, 160~6m (amplifier)
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€ 2.790,00

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