The rugged and easy-to-use Icom IC-T10 transmits with up to 5 watts in the 144 MHz (VHF) and 440 MHz (UHF) band. The powerful, large 1500 mW speaker provides excellent audio reproduction, making it easy to conduct a QSO even in noisy environments. The housing is dust and water resistant according to IP67. Thus, it can survive up to 30 minutes in a water depth of one meter without damage. 

Of course, the IC-T10 has DCS/CTCSS and supports DTMF in addition to the 1750 Hz tone burst. There are 16 DTMF memories available. Frequently used frequencies can be stored in a total of 208 memory channels and named with 6 alphanumeric digits. Important parameters such as transmit power, offset frequencies and audio frequency are also stored. 

By means of different scan modes (VFO, Memory, Priority, Tone, Program), active frequencies can be found quickly and conveniently, or skipped using the "Skip" function. 

The easy-to-read LC display and the keys are illuminated and make the radio easy to operate even in the dark. With the built-in FM broadcast receiver (76 - 108 MHz), the regional radio stations can be received.

With the help of the free available programming software from Icom, the IC-T10 can also be conveniently programmed on the computer.

In addition to the BP-280 battery with 2400 mAh, a charging cradle with plug-in power supply, a rubber antenna with SMA connector and a belt clip are included. 

The Icom IC-T10 is not only perfectly suited as a first device for beginners, but is especially suitable as a second device for experienced XYL's and OM's, if a robust and reliable device is required for rough outdoor use. 

With a charged battery, a stand-alone operating time of up to 11/10 hours (VHF/UHF) can be achieved (with 1:1:8 RX/TX/Standby and energy saving function switched on).

A comprehensive range of accessories, including headsets and waterproof handheld microphones, allows tailoring to the specific application. For mobile operation with input voltages of 10 - 16 V, an optional adapter is available. This replaces the rechargeable battery and is connected to the vehicle electrical system.


Frequency ranges:

TX: 144 - 146 MHz, 430 - 440 MHz

RX: 136 - 174 MHz, 400 - 479 MHz

Dimensions (incl. BP-280 battery):

52.2 mm × 111.8 mm × 30.3 mm