All Diamond stationary antennas have a grounded radiator, thuis protecting the rig against static discharge. The cheap copies usually do not have this feature... if you want to risk you radio... Only high quality materials are used for the antennas. The tubes are made of high resiliency fibre glass which protects the active antenna elements. The base is made of coated aluminum, the short radials are made of stainless steel. The connector jack is protected inside the base tube. All antennas incldued two solid mast clamps for easy mounting. Besides the well known multi band antennas, Diamond introduced some new mono band antennas.

Diamond F-22 is a VHF antenna, which is ideal for base stations, allocates very good gain and high quality manufacture.

Frequency range: 144 - 174 MHz
Gain: 6.7dB
Max Power: 200Watts
Connector: SO-239
Length: 3.2m

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