The Par EndFedz EF-80-10-JR-KW is a 1 kW ICAS power handling antenna for 5 Amateur Radio bands designed to be employed without the use of an antenna tuner. All stainless steel hardware, strain relief at the feedpoint, rugged construction designed to be put up once and left for permanent use. Weighing under 2 pounds, this antenna is also an ideal travel companion for multi-band operation without multi-pounds of weight added. Works well in sloper, vertical, straight, or inverted V configurations (see operation manual for mounting ideas).

EF-80-10-JR-KW is a shortened version of the EF-ALLBAND-KW 80-10m antenna. Overall length is 74 ft, the antenna uses a loading coil at the far end to facilitate 75/80m operation.  Uses the same heavy-duty hardware and feedpoint matchbox as used on the EF-ALLBAND-KW.  Ideal for those without 135 ft of space to put up the larger size EF-ALLBAND-KW antenna.  The trade-off is the shorter version of the antenna is usable only on the 80/40/20/15/10 meter bands.  The larger EF-ALLBAND-KW can be used on 30/17/12m as well. 

Download the instructions manual