Boxchip A1 ProA push-to-talk network radio comes with instant individual/group communication, multi-applications, and smart dispatch management. Also, A1-Pro is friendly with dedicated PTT platforms LIKE Tassta and Zell to deliver efficiency and productivity. It is also equipped with a UHF DMR radio that is compatible with professional and radio amateur repeater networks.

The A1 ProA's built-in UHF DMR transceiver is controlled via the BiMR app. Zone and channel programming is done with PC software while it is also possible to program channels through the BiMR app on the transceiver. The maximum output power of the A1 ProA in UHF is 2 Watts and it has a setting for 1 Watt. The number of channels that can be programmed into the transceiver is 1000.

Boxchip A1 ProA is our latest android based push-to-talk network radio phone with many advanced functionalities such as a speaker, anti-glare screen, external antenna & professional interfaces. It is best for communication & operation needs in public transport, logistics, school buses, trucks, indoor dispatching, and mining.

2.4-inch Multi-touch Display

2.4-inch multi-touch Gorilla Glass display with 320×240 WVGA resolution, it can be used outdoor in direct sunlight. Wet and glove operation is also supported to fit for multiple scenarios.

High Capacity Battery and Fast Charge

A1 ProA features a 3500mAh removable battery to satisfy the long-hour work requirement. It supports fast charge, and can be charged by desktop charger and USB

Loud and Clear Voice Quality

With advanced AI-based noise reduction technology dual mic noise reduction technology and the powerful voice recognition function, human voice in noisy environment can be extracted effectively.

Built-in 1W (up to 2W) speaker provides loud and clear audio quality for versatile voice service.


The A1 ProA is equipped with 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. The cameras with optical image stabilization make A1 ProA clearly grasp every details of the scene, even in an emergency, so as to meet customer’s various requirements.

Professional Design

Matte texture, lightweight (<250g) and compact body, dedicated PTT button on one side, make A1 ProA easy to operate with one hand.

Dual Sim

A1 ProA supports dual-card dual-standby, which makes it not only a PoC (PTT over Cellular) terminal, but also a smartphone. Based on 2G/3G/4G/WLAN, the coverage of communication can be extremely large and wide.

Rugged and Compact Design

With exquisite structural technology, IP65,1.2m drop-proof design, A1 ProA has no fear for kinds of
harsh environments.


NFC Function

Built-in NFC module provides NFC related functions such as information query, authentication,
identification inspection and so on.


Download BiMR software: BiMR V.5.1.0 (Some functions of the application concern different models)