The Diamond SX-600 is a back lit SWR/Wattmeter covering 1.8-160 MHz. The dual sensor design allows simultaneous connection of two radios (must be within the sensor's frequency range). The meter reads peak or average power, and is switchable to read forward power, reverse power, or SWR. A 13.8 VDC source is required for the back lights. Supplied with a DC power cord.


  • Freq. range
    • 1.8-160 MHz
    • 140-525 MHz
  • Power range
    • 5/20/200W
    • 2 sets of inputs
  • Min. Power SWR Test
    • 1W(S1)
    • 4W(S2)
  • Accuracy of full scale ±10%
  • Measurment function
    • Forward RF power
    • Reflected RF power
    • SWR
    • PEP
  • Insertion loss
    • Less than 0.2dB(S1)
    • Less than 0.3dB(S2)
  • Connectors
    • 2 x SO-239
  • Dimensions: 155W x 63H x 103Dmm
  • Weight: 0.630kg

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