The AN200 tunable indoor loop antenna can really improve the reception of Medium Wave stations on most radios throughout the entire Medium wave band. 

The AN200 can boost the reception provided by the ferrite antenna that is built in to most portable radios, or it can simply be placed near the radio to boost reception, it does not need to be connected or plugged in to your Medium Wave radio to work !

The AN200 has a built-in tuning dial to peak reception of the desired frequency or station at the same time providing selectivity to reject unwanted stations and noise. The antenna is directional and so can be turned to optimise reception of a specific station. 

The AN200 Antenna is passive and so does not require a power source.

       Features & Specifications:

  • Frequency coverage: 520Khz - 1710Khz
  • Size: 9-inch diameter loop 
  • Dimensions : approx 10 x 9 x 3 inches ; 
  • Weight:approx 450g

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