You need a radio for your motorcyle or off-road vehicle but the typical mobile just won't do the job. It's too bulky and heavy to attach to your ATV or balance on your bike, and it simply won't fit in such a small space. You need a two way transceiver that is reliable, rugged, and capable of instant on-air communications, yet small and light enough to fit your fun machine. You need the TYT TH-8600, the Dual Band Mini Mobile Two Way Radio from TYT.

The TH-8600 is a powerful dual band, dual display and dual standby transceiver with 20 watts of power on 430-440MHz UHF and up to 25 watts on 144-146MHz VHF frequencies. It has 200 programmable channels and four programmable function keys so you can maximize flexibility and minimize distraction while you operate RX/TX at the wheel.

The TH-8600 features CTCSS and DSC encode/decode, DTMF encoding/decoding, priority channel scanning, and dual band reception. It also features 2Tone/5Tone decoding and encoding, remote kill/stun/activate and a 1750Hz burst tone.

Let's not forget the color LCD display, because the TH-8600 has one. Best of all, this mini-mobile is IP54 dust and waterproof, which means it's not only rugged enough to go off-road, but it can withstand rain and splashes! A hand mic is included, and it's also made to be waterproof.

With all these options, one thing is clear. The TYT TH-8600 was made for QUAD and motorcycle action. It's perfect for almost any compact on or off-road vehicle. Now you can get it for yours.

The TYT TH-8600 comes with hand microphone, mobile mounting bracket, mobile power cord, an owner's manual and a two year warranty from FreeBytes.


  • 200 Memory Channels

  • Dual Band

  • 144-146MHz VHF Frequencies

  • 430-440MHz UHF Frequencies

  • Repeater Capable

  • 20W (UHF)/25W (VHF) Transmit Power

  • Power Selectable

  • Memory Channel

  • Channel Scan

  • Priority Scan

  • Skip Channel

  • Dual Watch

  • Busy Channel Lockout

  • Talk Around

  • CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode

  • Backlit Color LCD Display

  • Channel Name Edit and Display

  • LED Status Light

  • Auto Power Off

  • Timeout Timer

  • 3.5mm Speaker Port

  • Cloning Capable

  • PC Programmable (Requires Optional Cable)

  • Four Programmable Function Keys

  • Internal Speaker

  • Hand Microphone

  • Cooling Fan

  • IP54 Dust and Waterproof

  • Submersible

  • DTMF Encoding and Decoding

  • Stun/Kill/Activate

  • Reset

  • Two Year Manufacturer Warranty



  • Frequency Range(MHz): 144-146/430-440 

  • Channel No. : 200

  • Frequency Stability : ±1ppm

  • Operating Temperature : -30℃~+60℃

  • Operating Voltage : 13.8V DC

  • Dimension : 107*125*45mm


  • Output power: 25W

  • Transmitting Current: 4A@13.8V

  • Standby Current: 0.2A@13.8V

  • FM Modulation: Wide band:16K0F3E/ Narrow band:11 K0F3E

  • Modulation distortion: <5%

  • FM Hun and Noise: ≥45dB@25KHz / ≥40dB@12.5KHz

  • Adjacent Ch. Power: ≥60dB@12.5KHz / ≥70dB@25KHz

  • Audio response: +1~-3dB


  • Sensibility: 0.2μV

  • Adjacent Ch. Selectivity: 60dB@12.5KHz / 70dB@25KHz

  • Intermodulation : ≥60dB/≥65dB

  • Spurious Rejection: ≥70dB

  • Audio response: +1~-3dB

  • RF Sensitivity: -122dbm(12db SINAD)

  • Audio Distortion : <5%

  • FM Hun and Noise: ≥45dB@25KHz /≥40dB@12.5KHz

  • Rated audio : 4W

You need a license to operate this radio.

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