Are you trying to use your wireless connection in a brick or concrete building? Use this high gain yagi antenna to take your wireless connection outside! Are you having trouble keeping a wireless signal on extreme levels of a multi-floor building? Our antenna strengthens your signal giving you the best signal of anyone in the entire building! Our 15 dBi WiFi Antenna uses a well tested design with 16 elements that has been honed to give you the maximum improvement on your wireless signal. 15 dBi means your wireless signal is THIRTY TWO TIMES STRONGER! That's twice as strong as other 12 dBi antennas you'll see!

It's light enough to attach directly to a laptop (weights just 2.9 ounces)! This antenna has no obstructions -- it's a pure open-air design that minimizes all losses! There's nothing in the way to reduce the gain of this antenna!

Click here for MFJ-1800 specifications in PDF format (35kB)

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