The Diamond CX-210N is a low loss, three position coaxial switch providing very low loss and high isolation. It is rated DC to 3000MHz and can handle up to 1500 watts at HF frequencies.

See Specifications below for complete power handing characteristics. This switch utilizes N type connector.


  • Frequency: DC-3000MHz.
  • Power: 1500W.
  • Connector: Type N.
  • Loss:
    • Less than 0.05dB DC to 500MHz.
    • Less than 0.1dB 500 to 1000MHz.
    • Less than 0.15dB 1000 to 2000MHz.
    • Less than 0.2dB 2000 to 3000MHz 
  • Isolation:
    • More than 70dB DC to 200MHz.
    • More than 60dB 200 to 1000MHz.
    • More than 55dB 1000 to 2000 MHz.
    • More than 50dB 2000 to 3000MHz.

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