POTA-FLEX 7 Deluxe package including 30m POTA-FLEX 7 coaxial cable, yellow carry bag, POTA-SPEED winder, 2 X PL-259 EVO connectors fitted, 2 X Silicon Seal L fitted, UHF to BNC Adapter, Velcro.

POTA-FLEX 7 is the latest coaxial cable model from the Italian house Messi & Paoloni. It is designed and manufactured for use in particularly harsh environments. It has a double braid with additional copper foil that forms a true armor to withstand extreme conditions. Essentially the POTA-FLEX 7 has three shields, which makes it incredibly robust, but at the same time remains light and flexible.

It has a high-visibility reflective casing which is a very important detail in busy areas, stages and events, audio-video systems and in outdoor applications (eg POTA, Park on the Air Activations). It is designed in such a way that it can be stripped smoothly and has smooth friction, making it much easier to install connectors (especially using our specific scissors).

The manufacturer carefully tested this cable to evaluate its performance after 100 windings and 100 unwindings, achieving very minimal variations. These results are guaranteed especially in combination with our POTA-SPEED, which ensures that the minimum bending radius is always respected, as well as the quick and practical management of the windings.

We offer you POTA-FLEX 7 in a particularly attractive package that includes:

30 meters of POTA-FLEX 7 coaxial cable.

1 X POTA-Case carrying bag yellow.

1 X POTA-Speed (winding mechanism for quick and correct cable management).

2 X UHF EVOLUTION (PL259) connectors, pre-assembled by Messi & Paoloni technicians.

2 X Silicon Seal S, high thickness silicone insulation to reduce mechanical stress on the cable-connector connection and to insulate from water and moisture.

UHF Female - BNC Male Adapter.

Reusable Velcro sticker to secure one end of the cable to the body of the POTA-Speed.