The Diamond X700HN is a four-section, fiberglass antenna covering both the 2m and 70cm amateur bands. It is factory adjusted so no tuning is required. On 2 meters it is 4 x 5/8 wave and on 70 cm it is 11 x 5/8 wave. Stainless steel hardware and strong weatherproof joint couplings are used.


  • Frequency range: VHF/UHF MHz (2m/70cm).
  • Gain: 9.3dB (144MHz), 13.0dB (430MHz).
  • Max. power rating: 200W.
  • Impedance: 50ohms.
  • VSWR: Less than 1.5:1.
  • Length: 7.2m.
  • Radial length: approx. 52cm.
  • Weight: 3.8kg.
  • Rated wind velocity: 40m/sec.
  • Mast diameter accepted: 30mm to 62mm (More than 45mm diameter mast is recommended).
  • Connector: N-Type.
  • Type: 4 x 5/8wave C-Load(144MHz), 11 x 5/8wave C-Load(430MHz), FRP outershell.

This antenna is available ONLY for delivery at out shop. Due to it's size it cannot be sent with any courier service.