This small power supply offers in a small case everything the radio amateur needs. The output voltage is either switched to fixed 13.8V, or to a variable output voltage between 9 and 15V. The maximum current is up to 30A. This is sufficient for all 100W transceivers.

The built-in fan is temperature controlled. With little load the fan does not run at all, the PS30SWIII is absolutely quiet. Only with a longer and higher load the fan starts to run to cool the internal electronics. In cases where interferences occur, the PS30SWIII offers a control which shifts the frequency of the birdies, if required.

The back-lit instrument shows (selectable) either Voltage or Current. All controls are conveniently located on the front, the 230VAC and DC connectors are on the rear. The PS23SWIII has the same front panel size and layout as the well known SX- series SWR/power meters and so fits perfectly into the ham shack.

Input Voltage:    220 VAC
Output Voltage:    13.8V fixed or 9-15V adjustable
Output Voltage Regulation:    < 2%
Protection:    Short Circuit, limited to 30A
Output Current:    30A max., 20A continous
Ripple:    < 80mVpp at rated load
Fuse (Primary):    5A
Size (without controls):    155 x 70 x 205mm (WxHxD)
Weight:    ca. 1.5k




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