This wire has very high heat resistance. It is double coated enamelled that ensures very good resistance to high temperatures and overload as well as excellent resistance to chemicals such as e.g. alkalis, cleaners, varnishes, impregnation resins, sealants, diluents, solvents and coolants, as well as their vapors, also has excellent resistance to mechanical abrasion and a very low coefficient of friction of the wire surface.

It is ideal for electronic constructions such as air coils, balun, unun etc.

Type of wire: Coil wire    
Cable features: Double coated enamelled    
Outside diameter: 1mm    
Package contents: 0,25kg    
Length in roll: 36m    
Operating temperature: Max. 200°C    
Outer insulation material: Polyamidoimide enamel    
Kind of core: Cu

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