This power supply offers in a small case everything the radio amateur needs. The maximum current may be up to 28A. This is sufficient for all 100W transceivers. The built-in fan is temperature controlled. In cases where interferences occur, the PSU-1228.PP offers a control which shifts the frequency of the birdies, if required. The back-lit instrument shows (selectable) either Voltage or Current. All controls are conveniently located on the front, the 230VAC and DC connectors are on the rear. 

Technical Data
Weight [kg]    1.5
Voltage Output (V)    13.8
Fuses    5A
Ripple (mV)    < 80 mVpp 
Max. Continous Current Output (A)    20
Max. Current Output (A)    28
Protection Measures    Short Circuit, Over Current 28A
Size W x H x D    150 x 70 x 220 mm

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