This model has been replaced by Inrico ΤΜ-7 Plus. You may see it here.

Incrico TM-7 is the first mobile network Radio. Designed for the commercial world, but supported by Radio Hams throught the IRN platform, Zello, Team Speak and EchoLink via the 3G or WiFi connection. (Ham callsign required for IRN and EchoLink)

Main Features:

Android V6.0 Based
GPS (antenna included)
USB Port
Headphone Jack

Why use a dedicated Network Radio? 

In an ideal world we all want huge antennas with big amplifiers, causing no TVI, suffer no powerline noise and have lovely neighbours that welcome a 100ft tower in the garden. 

Maybe you used to have a great shack full of gear with a moderate antenna system but in later years your move into a more compact home doesn't allow you the room for all the gear or indeed outside antennas. Any outside antennas!

That's where Internet Radio comes in. 

Basically, they are modified Android Phones in a radio-like looking case, (with speaker and PTT microphone just as you would have in a standard 2m FM mobile). 

Once you've configured the unit for your particular needs, you can literally speak anywhere in the world via Ham Radio networks with users calling in via their normal 2/70 transceivers via repeaters or to other Internet Radio operators. 

There is no external antenna socket.


  • Frequency: 1.2GHz
  • Network: WCDMA(2100MHz) / GSM(850/900/1800 MHZ )In the US, only AT&T and T-Mobile will support 3G. It works fine in GSM networks.
  • Platform: MTK 6572A
  • Operating System: Android 6.0
  • RAM:512M+4G(Optional: 1G+8G)
  • Extended Memory: Up to 32Gb (workshop fitment only)
  • Screen TP display:IPS2.45” 240*32
  • GPS+Compass
  • Input Power: 12-24V
  • Speaker + Mic: 45mm Diameter speaker,7W
  • WIFI,BT: Yes
  • USB: MICRO 5PIN date cable
  • Media player: Supporting MP3/MP4
  • Dimension: (without antenna) 188*58*26(mm)