This new end fed magnetic balun HF wire receiving antenna is based upon a dual Nickel Zinc core balun system, wound with PTFE MiL spec wire.
This unit matches the high impedance line to perfection giving astonishing results over the short wave spectrum.
The small footprint matching box is fully potted and weatherproof and is simple to mount under the eaves or facia board with the supplied screw in insulator and para-cord, the 20m unbreakable MiL spec kevlar line is then sloped down to the garden and tied off with the supplied para-cord.


  • UV protected enclosure
  • High performance end fed HF receive only antenna
  • Frequency range  2-30Mhz
  • 20m Kevlar MiL spec wire with termination cord on spool
  • Supplied with 8 metres of coax
  • Multi-core Ni/Zn high quality cores wound with PTFE MiL spec wire
  • Stainless steel mounting eye
  • Stainless steel line strain relief
  • Fully resin potted to last a lifetime


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