The new Flagship portable radio from prestigious radio manufacturer Tecsun fitted with analogue Hi-IF circuit, multi conversion , & DSP decoding technology, which greatly enhances the sensitivity, selectivity and reduces interference from close by stations. The Tecsun PL-880 comes as a full package, with all the accessories you will need, to travel the world.

Receive FM mono/stereo, medium wave, long wave, short wave, short wave single side-band  signals with this portable world band radio.

The PL-880 is very well presented with a nice quality protective case, lithium battery, USB charge lead, miniature stereo earphones, carry strap, and extending wire antenna for short wave use.

Frequency coverage :-
  • FM  87-108 MHz,
  • Short Wave  1.711 - 29.999 MHz,
  • Medium Wave: 522 - 1620 MHz, 
  • Long Wave: 100 - 519 kHz

 Features :-

  • Firmware rev : 8820 latest version
  • SW antenna jack,
  • Hi/ Mid/Low sensitivity control switch, designed for long distance reception (DX)
  • Fast / Slow and Fine tuning control    
  •  Auto tuning storage (ATS)    
  •  Auto / Manual tuning for stations within its memories (VM mode)    
  •  Auto / Manual tuning for stations within frequency range (VF mode)    
  •  Direct numeric key entry (both frequency & memory address)    
  • 3050 station memories, divided by 25 storage pages (P0-24)    
  • SSB Function with USB / LSB individual reception
  • Class AB PA & ultra-dynamic full range speaker, for excellent sound quality    
  • Alarm clock with snooze function (by radio)    
  • AM Bandwidth select-able    
  • Sleep timer (1-120 minutes)    
  • 9K/10K AM tuning step    
  • LCD back-light with ON/OFF switch    
  • Treble / Bass Tone selection    
  • Antenna gain (Local, Norm, DX)    
  • Reset function    
  • SW external antenna jack  (extending wire antenna included)
  • Line-out jack    
  • Stereo earphone jack (stereo earphones included)
  • USB DC jack, 5V    (USB lead included)
  • Built-in charging system
  • Powered by 18650 series 3.7v 2000mAh type lithium battery (included)
  • Size - 192 x 113 x 33mm  WHD
  • Weight - 0.576kg


Accessories included:
Soft protective carrying case
USB charging lead
18650 high power Lithium battery
Stereo earphones
External Shortwave wire antenna



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