These professional electronic temperature controlled soldering stations have been developed to meet the present and future needs of the electronics industry. They incorporate a sophisticated electronic circuit which enablesthe user to change the tip temperature from 160°C (320°F) to 480°C (900°F) without the need to change the tip or the heating element. The temperature is maintained within ±10° of its preset temperature.

This is made possible by an unique temperature sensor that is located near the tip. Resulting in rapid response and little temperature variation. The tip of the unit is isolated from the AC line by a transformer. Completely electronic switching protects voltage and current sensitive components against transient spikes sometimes caused by other units utilising mechanical switching circuits.



ZD929B This unit incorporates a linear LED array readout which accurately indicates the temperature of the tip.

  • Professional quality temperature controlled unit
  • Adjustable temperature control equivalent to 40W (150~420°C)
  • Burn resistant cord
  • Multi coloured LED
  • Sponge and Iron holder
  • Dimensions: 96 x 116 x 170mm WHD

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