The brand new Diamond D-77 is a VHF/UHF air band receiving antenna, not for transmitting. The Diamond D-777 has 3.4dB on VHF (120MHz) and 5.5 dB UHF (300MHz); with an approximate length of 1.7 metres.The antenna is constructed from fibre glass materials and it is pre-tuned and fully weatherproofed. Mounting components are included. This is the genuine Diamond D777 High Gain 120/300MHz Air Band Antenna.Designed for maximum performance on both the Civil and Military Air Bands.

        Technical features

  • Receiving frequency: VHF 120MHz /UHF 300MHz air bands

  • Gain: 3.4dB(VHF),5.5dB(UHF)

  • Type: 2 x 5/8 wave (300MHz) 5/8 wave (120MHz)

  • 3  x Ground Plane Radials

  • Impedance: 50ohm

  • Length: approx.1.7m

  • Weight: 1.0kg

  • Connector: SO239 (takes normal PL259 plug)

  • Rated wind velocity: 60m/sec.

  • Mast diameter accepted: 30mm to 62mm

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