At last , a receiver with all the features you need including full HF coverage and civil VHF airband. Not since the days of the good old Sony 2001D has there been a nice portable mains/battery receiver with HF/Airband combination of bands in this class.

The Tecsun S-2000 looks the business too, with the military styled cabinet with smart carry handles fitted and a top mounted directional antenna for the lower wavebands, direct entry of frequency via the front keypad, all controls fall nicely to hand, back to the one button does one job days,  before the dreaded complicated menu systems that seem to be appearing on most sets now. You will be operating the Tecsun S-2000 with ease within minutes of powering on. It has a great sound too, with independent bass and treble controls, and a good quality front facing loudspeaker.

The LCD display panel is clear and easy on the eye, and has a switchable backlight too. The receiver has full coverage of HF from 1.7 - 30 Mhz, in AM/LSB/USB, Long wave band from 100 - 519khz, Medium wave band from 520 - 1710Khz, FM band 88 - 108 Mhz (stereo with headphones ), and of course the VHF civil airband from 118 - 137Mhz in AM. A host of other user friendly controls include a handy signal attenuator,  squelch, RF Gain , large VFO tuning knob, an S-Meter, and other nice touches  include 2 x BNC outputs for use with external antennas, a stereo line output, wide and narrow filters fitted.

Run the Tecsun S-2000 indoors from the supplied mains adaptor, or take to the hills and run it from battery power, just 4 x D size batteries will give many hours of happy listening out in the fresh air ! Also fitted with a handy dual alarm clock function, and a massive custom 1000 memory channels for storing all of your favourite stations, there is only 1 thing missing from the Tecsun S-2000........... a big price tag !

Tecsun S-2000 has a 455 KHz IF output. Use this output together with Radi0Kit-2 to listen to high quality DRM transmitions on HF. 



  • Shortwave (1711-30000 KHz)

  • VHF Air band (118 – 137Mhz)

  • LW (100 - 519Khz)

  • MW (520 - 1710Khz)

  • FM Stereo 88-108Mhz

  • Single Side Band (SSB) mode

  • Signal Attenuator

  • Stereo line output

  • Dual timer alarm

  • Light/snooze button

  • Wide/narrow filters

  • RF gain control

  • Fast/slow tuning control

  • Squelch control for VHF airband

  • Bass and treble controls

  • Auto/Manual/Direct frequency key-in and station memory tuning

  • Auto Tuning Storage function (ATS) for FM/AM

  • 1000 station memories (each band 100 memories, 500 customizable)

  • Dual alarm clock function

  • MP3 – Aux input

  • Rotary Antenna – MW/LW

  • Ants – switchable internal/External

  • Headphone Socket

  • Power requirements - AC adaptor supplied 240v/ 6v

  • Power requirements - 4 x D size batteries ( not supplied)

  • Size 14.65" x 7.24" x 5.75"  /   372 x 184 x 146 mm  WHD


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