Especially developed for portable use on the low bands 80 and 160m. Ideal for constructing various wire antennas, for example 80/160m wire verticals, inverted Vee or inverted L antennas. Many DX-peditions use these masts to build a 4 square antenna for 80 or 40m. A portable 80m 4-square can be set up in about one hour. Equally suited for light 1 elem. quads or Delta Loops for 40 to 10m.

A single person can set up one mast in a few minutes.

Low weight, very solid lower sections (73 mm diameter, 2 mm wall thickness), in 10m height still 50 mm diameter at 1.5 mm wall thickness. Light segments on top (1 mm wall thickness) for good balance. The reinforced laminating technique - many layers of fibre glass in different directions - results in significantly stronger segments. All masts are supplied with a free stainless steel clamp set.

Full height:    18m
Transport size:    1.7m
Weight:    6.8kg
Diameter bottom/top:    73/4mm
Wall thickness bottom/top:    2/1mm
Number of segments:    12
Material:    Fibre glass
Colour:    Black, UV resistant


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