RadiØKit-140 is part of a series of electronic kits (RadiØKit-1) that we offer not only to radio amateurs who want to discover the joy of building their own equipment, but also to all the electronics DIY enthusiasts who like to construct various devices for everyday use or just for the fun of it. RadiØKit-1 comes in three flavors. One for the 80m CW radio amateur (RadiØKit-180) band, one for the 40m band (RadiØKit-140) and one for the 20m band (RadiØKit-120).

This is RadiØKit-140 for the 40m band. It operates on 7,030 KHz. The frequency is controlled by crystal and can be slightly changed by the ceramic variable capacitor.

Download full manual from here.

The kit is based on the famous Pixie transceiver introduced many years ago. The design was improved over the years and still catches the interest of many radio amateurs over the world due to it's simplicity, satisfying performance and ease of construction.

RadiØKit-1 incorporates additions and improvements. The circuit board is constructed by FR-4 material, the placement of the components is silk screened on the top side. All the copper traces on the bottom side are solder masked to prevent short circuits and accidental bridging between conductors. All component holes are already drilled. There are also four drilled holes for placing the board inside a box using appropriate screws and spacers.

The components that are used for RadiØKit-1 are of the highest quality. All the resistors are metal film 1% type. The capacitors are of the MLCC type except for the electrolytic ones that are mini sized 85°C types. The inductors used are resistor type and provide high performance and minimum space usage. The famous 2N2222A and 2N2219 transistors are used in order to achieve a little bit more output power.

DC voltage is supplied by a 9 Volt battery or a power supply 9-12V (not included) and the output RF power produced can reach or exceed 500mW depending on the voltage applied. You only need to connect the battery, a Morse key, an earphone or small speaker and an appropriate antenna to have a fully working ham radio transceiver.


Technical Specifications


  • Operating Frequency: 7,030 KHz
  • Input voltage: 9-12V DC
  • Output Power: 500mW according to input voltage
  • Mode: CW
  • Output filter type: Bandpass
  • Output transistor: 2N2219


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