The CSW-201G switch is manual, double contact coaxial switch for switching high frequency signals on a line of 50 W.Features
This coaxial switch have been designed with special emphasis on high frequency characteristics for use as high frequency signals. It features:
Wide frequency range.
Negligible insertion loss.
It has a high withstand voltage and will not produce heat.

Frequency range: DC – 600MHz.
Rating power: 1500W PEP DC - 30MHz, 1000W PEP 30 - 150MHz , 500W PEP 150 - 600MHz.
Impedance: 50Ω.
SWR: DC - 600MHz, 1.2dB.
Insertion Loss: DC - 600MHz, 0.12dB.
Switching circuit: single pole two output position.
Isolation: DC - 600MHz, 60dB.

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