The S700A is a hybrid android radio that allows 100% coverage: via 3G/4G/LTE/WiFi/VHF or UHF FM analog and DMR Tier II. You will always be connected. With the addition of DMR you can talk off network or via repeaters. This radio in cellular mode works like a walkie talkie but uses the cellular network as a repeater! This means hand held to hand held or handheld to mobile comms around the world. Companies like ID offer a suitable sim with EU roaming from £3.99 a month or if you are in the UK Freedompop is available otherwise you can use it on Wifi! Using Apps like Zello & Teamspeak you can talk privately for just the cost of your sim!
In DMR mode program your local repeater or hotspot and use the DMR network. In FM mode pop onto your local repeater or use simplex. 
For the Radio amateur you can link to many networks using the International Radio Network. For the non amateur think of it as well behaved CB with worldwide coverage or Private 1 to 1 calls! For the private use all the advantages of cell phone coverage while looking professional.

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