Arc-Free Operation

Two heavy duty 4.5 kV transmitting variable capacitors and a massive high current roller
inductor gives you arc-free operation up to 2 kW PEP SSB.

Precision Resetability

A sturdy hand cranked roller inductor lets you quickly fly from band to band. A precision
5-digit gear driven turns counter lets you ccurately return to your previous settings. Large comfortable knobs and smooth vernier drives on the variable capacitors make tuning precise and easy. Bright red pointers on logging scales make accurate Resetability a breeze.

Absolute minimum SWR

You can tune your SWR down to the absolute minimum! Why? Because all three matching network components, the roller inductor and both variable capacitors, are fully adjustable.

Tune any Antenna

You can tune any real antenna from 1.8 to 30 MHz, including all MARS and WARC bands. You can tune verticals, dipoles, inverted vees, yagis, quads, long wires, whips, G5RVs, etc.

SSB Analyzer Bargraph

Vectronics exclusive 21 segment bargraph display lets you visually follow your instantaneous voice peaks. Has level and delay controls.

Accurate SWR/Power Meter

A shielded directional coupler and backlit Cross-Needle meter displays accurate SWR, forward and reflected power simultaneously. Reads both peak and average power on 300/3000 watt scales.

6 Position Ceramic Antenna Switch

Select two coax fed antennas (tuned or bypassed), balanced line, random wire or bypass.

Built-in Balun

A 4:1 Ruthroff voltage balun feeds dual high voltage Delrin terminal posts for balanced lines.



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